Who We Are


OWNER/ LMT 14771

I came to a career in bodywork following my studies in dance at the University of Oregon where I earned my Bachelors of Science degree.  My intense exploration of movement, breath, collaboration, and expression brought forward a mind body connection in my everyday experience in and out of the dance studio.  I found that through massage I am able to guide others to this place of awareness, acceptance, and constant flow of shifting change that occurs within us all.

With experience in both spa and clinical settings,  I have found a balance between the two that is satisfying and effective for my clients. I appreciate focused work on acute and chronic injuries and affected structures as well as deeply healing relaxation massage.  

I work with intention.  I will take the time to listen to your body’s feedback and pull from over fifteen years experience to respond appropriately.  My work is respectful of your needs at that time.  I work deep without being invasive.  This is your massage.  You are my guide as I am yours.   

I utilize Deep Tissue work, Myofascial Release, Ashiatsu/ Barefoot massage, Swedish, Thai massage, Trigger Point, Pre/ Postnatal massage,  as well as other modalities such as Cupping Therapies and Gua Sha.  I have extensive experience with Motor Vehicle Accident patients and their recovery needs.


LMT 25279

I began my career in Massage after studying Herbalism and holistic health care since 2012. I grew up taking dance classes and practicing yoga which infused my life with the importance of movement and proper body alignment.

Healing isn’t linear, and true healing only begins when the body is in a relaxed state. I’m here to facilitate your body’s own innate healing capabilities through intuitive touch while assessing body conditions and pinpointing areas of pain or sensitivity to alleviate. I utilize a blend of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu/ Barefoot massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy to create a customized session that fits each client. I have special interest and training in pregnancy and postpartum massage.


LMT 25293

I’m passionate about holistic healthcare and maintaining balance between mind, body, and spirit. After my first experience receiving massage therapy and feeling the profound effects on my well-being, I knew this was something I wanted to offer the community. I understand the detrimental effects chronic pain and stress can have on quality of life and my goal is to help people live more comfortably in their bodies.

All massage sessions are guided by my deep care and intuition, backed by my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. Whether you are here to manage stress, relieve pain, gain mobility or all of the above, I’m happy to tailor the session to your needs. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself and I’m honored to help facilitate that healing.

I incorporate Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu/ Barefoot Massage, Swedish, Trigger point Therapy and Fire Cupping into our sessions depending on your preferences. I am continually deepening my knowledge about the body and am currently studying for a Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification through NASM.


LMT 25798

I am deeply interested in the complexity of individual physiology and how every level of being is expressed in our bodies. I believe in a holistic approach to health that incorporates awareness of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellness. In the massage room I am honored to hold space for the wholeness of each client while working with you on your physical wellbeing.

I came to massage on a winding path including a degree in psychology, masters in zoology, and work as a field biologist. I bring my diverse knowledge base and curiosity to each session.

My massage is focused on the nervous system, I always want to work with your body to bring your tissue into alignment. I utilize swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping, and manual lymphatic drainage. My touch is slow, intentional and present; encouraging calm in your entire system.

Currently I am working toward becoming a Nutritional Health Practitioner through the NTA and look forward to offering this knowledge to clients.


LMT 25546

I was raised here in Oregon and am a graduate of Lane Community College’s Massage Therapy Program where I was fortunate to study under some of Eugene’s most experienced practitioners of massage.

I have always been a tactile learner. Whether I’m playing an instrument, painting with brushes, or sculpting with clay, I am always trusting in my hands and using my intuition to generate, explore and resolve a composition. This also applies to my approach with bodywork. Being fully present and listening is essential to creating a space where the body and mind can heal. Miles Davis said, “Music is the space between the notes.” My aim is to create new space in the body for my clients to occupy so that there is more joy and opportunity in their lives.

I work slowly to engage with the body to assess what it needs, working to alleviate any tension or pain. My style combines a mixture of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and craniosacral to provide a relaxing, yet effective massage.

Kristopher Brown

LMT 22480

Kristopher completed his studies at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland in 2016. Informing his technique is the belief that massage should be a relaxing and immersive, holistic healing experience. His approach incorporates aspects of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Style Lomi Lomi, and Myofascial Release techniques to create a unique and smooth flowing style that allows the mind to fully relax, helping the body to heal itself. This blend of approaches allows each massage to be custom tailored to meet each individual body and its needs, while being designed to let you sink into a deep state of bliss while you are rejuvenated in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

When he isn’t massaging, Kristopher can often be found at his home outside the city practicing his cooking and meditation, or playing his saxophone. But where he would really like to be is out in the mountains forging for mushrooms, or soaking in the hot springs. Probably with a good book.

Karlee Kavanaugh

LMT 27219

Karlee comes to us from Baltimore, MD and graduated from The Baltimore School of Massage in 2017. She is an experienced massage therapist and yoga instructor that strives to empower and encourage others to reconnect with their bodies and to embrace life fully. Karlee is an easy-going, carefree, and loving individual who seeks connection and trust through touch and movement. With Karlee as their guide, clients take time to slow down and listen to their mind and body and connect to spirit. Karlee specializes in Deep Tissue work, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, and full body stretching. Karlee is also a trained yoga instructor and offers clients tools for self care and movement to take home and extend their therapy.

Rachel Ashworth

LMT 27465

I found a deep passion for holistic healing in my early years. Struggling with my own ailments.  I discovered relief and healing from many different bodywork modalities. This sparked a curiosity that has led me down the path of holistic bodywork.

In 2015 I began formal studies at The Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy in Texas. I graduated in 2019 and opened my practice in the North West. 

That same year I enrolled in LCC’s Massage Therapy program.  My interest in LMT work blossomed after observing the many connections between horse and rider. 

I believe that life is all about balance and finding what works for your body. I work with each client to help individualize a session to reach their goals. I use a blend of myofascial, swedish, trigger point, craniosacral, gua sha, and fire cupping.

Ignacio Rodriguez Lopez

LMT 27507

I emigrated to Oregon from Querétaro, México when I was 24 years old. My parents hosted students from different parts of the United States while I was in high school and college.

After meeting the students from Oregon, I was  intrigued by the diversity of nature and overall lifestyle that the PNW had to offer. I told myself that I had to visit Oregon for a few weeks after graduating from college… and the rest is history! After 20+ years, I am still here!

Though I have made a new home here in Oregon, I still visit México as often as I can to spend time with family and enjoy the warm water and beaches, not to mention the delicious food!

As for my personal interests, I grew up playing a variety of sports, but mostly enjoyed swimming, running, and eventually triathlons – all sports that allowed me to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor activities continue to draw my time and attention, and I am so grateful for Oregon’s endless possibilities for recreation, including camping, surfing, climbing, rafting, and paddle boarding.

Aside from my outdoor hobbies, I also enjoy connecting with people through hands-on activities like Latin partner dancing, ceramics, gardening, and cooking.

I believe is the combination of all of these interests that brought me to the field of massage therapy. Studying the human body and learning how to affect people in a positive way through relaxation or with a more therapeutic approach is a VERY special reward, and I look forward to sharing that with the Eugene community in the years to come!

My main focus throughout my practice has been centered on therapeutic methods via Swedish-style massage, joint mobilization through pin and stretch, and neuromuscular techniques to target injured areas of the body. My passion for continued learning has led to my participation in several workshops utilizing Structural Integration, which I implement into my practice when needed. I also have interest in Craniosacral Therapy, which I look forward to exploring more through continued education.

About Mend

Mend Therapeutic Massage is a trusted partner in your health care journey. The focus of our work is pain relief, increased mobility, restoring vitality and function, and assisting your body’s innate ability to achieve wellbeing.

Our skilled therapists utilize training in Myofascial Release techniques, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Trigger Point work, Swedish massage, and other modalities such as Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha. We also specialize in Barefoot Massage also known as Ashiatsu.

Your massage will be personalized each visit to address accumulated and daily stressors as well as recurring and acute injuries.

We have extensive experience in working with motor vehicle accident injuries and recovery. Your massage may be paid for through your MVA claim and we are happy to bill for you. We are also in network with some insurance providers. If you are unsure if your policy covers massage give us a call and we will help you find out. Prices for services shown reflect the pay at time of service price. 

The Mend Therapeutic Massage studio is a serene oasis in midtown Eugene, Oregon. Thank you for choosing Mend Therapeutic Massage for your care.