If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

integrative . perceptive . supportive

We work with intention. We take time to listen to your body’s feedback and pull from experience and skill to respond appropriately. Our work is respectful of your needs at that time. Our work deep without being invasive. This is your massage. You are our guides as we are yours.

Massage is for EVERY body! We are a LGBTQIA and BIPoC friendly studio.

Deep Tissue Work

Myofascial Release

Swedish Massage Techniques

Ashiatsu/Barefoot Massage

Trigger Point

Pre/Postnatal massage

Pricing below reflects our pay at time of service rates.

With extra time for introductions, intake, and communication of your needs and expectations, this is your best choice for an initial visit. You will receive 60 minutes of massage time in a 90 minute session and 90 minutes of hands on time with a 120 minute appointment time. 

In 60 minutes your therapist will target one to two problem areas. While the whole body will relax and unwind, you will most likely not receive a “full body” massage.

90 minutes is a good amount of time to address two or more problem areas while having more time to release the whole body.

One or more of the following services may be incorporated into your massage. If you would like to request a service, please let us know when scheduling your appointment.

AShiatsu/Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu therapy is a unique barefoot massage technique using deep pressure from the massage therapist’s feet. In this treatment, the therapist stands on the table while holding onto bars over their head for support and stability.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is the use of negative pressure for therapeutic purposes. Your therapist may use either silicone or glass cups. The cups are placed on the body and tissue is pulled into the cup. This vacuum increases circulation to the area which aids in reduction of pain and inflammation. Cupping enhances the manual therapies of deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release. The cups also allow for increased flow of stagnant energy. Cupping works wonders on chronic pain issues as well as acute injuries.

Gua Sha

For gua sha treatments the therapist moves a smooth sided tool along lubricated skin to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue to increase blood flow. Gua Sha decreases chronic pain, inflammation and promotes healing.

Balms and Liniments

We often use a variety of pain relieving balms and liniments to enhance your treatment and encourage accelerated healing.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are diffused into the massage space for added relaxation and an enhanced massage experience. They may also be added topically.

Heat packs and hot towels

Heat helps to allow for increased relaxation of the body and can aide the therapist by relaxing bound soft tissue. A heated table, a heat pack on the back, and feet wrapped in warmth is a wonderful and luxurious approach to calming the nervous system and bring the body and mind to the present moment.