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What to Expect at Your Appointment

We are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns that you may have.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment. Melanie will offer you herbal tea or water as you settle into the studio space. There is a short intake form for you to complete and Melanie will go over this form with you. Here she will discuss your expectations for massage, how you are feeling at the time, your health history, and anything else of importance. There will be postural assessment and possible muscle testing at this time.

The massage table is heated and can be adjusted to your comfort level. There are breast recesses in the table to allow for those with larger breasts to have a neutral spine position while lying prone. Melanie will leave the room, you will dress down to where you feel most comfortable and settle into the massage table under the sheet and blankets. She will keep you modestly draped throughout the massage and will only expose the areas she is working on. If you like, she can work over the blanket or you may remain clothed.

Melanie will check in with you throughout the massage. It is important that you communicate any pain or discomfort throughout your session. She will start with a lighter pressure to warm the tissue and encourage the body to accept the work. As she works, her pressure will become deeper and more focused. Melanie will guide you to breathe and receive the work as your massage continues. She may introduce heat packs, warm towels, essential oils, healing liniments and salves, and cupping or gua sha to your session.

At the close of your session, Melanie will again leave the room and allow you time to slowly get off of the table and get dressed. She will then return and check in with how you are feeling following the session. She will also encourage you to drink water immediately and hydrate throughout the rest of the day. You should expect to take it easy the rest of the day as your body adjusts and settles into the work it has received. You may also be given advice for self care such as stretches, postural changes, or helpful products to extend the results of the massage at home.

Your session length reflects hands on time for massage. Melanie allows for plenty of time between clients so that there is no pressure to hurry through the above process.

Payment will be accepted at the end of the session. Melanie accepts payments of cash, check, or credit card. She also accepts some insurance and motor vehicle accident insurance. Please check with her prior to your appointment if you are billing insurance.

*Prices reflect discount for payment of services rendered the same day (made at time of appointment).