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I am grateful to have found this gem! Super cute & welcoming space, and working with Cassie has been so healing! She is very present during the session & it truly feels like she is listening to my body. I literally float out after my session is such a blissful state!
Jillian V.
I love Gwen's massages! She's always very attentive to whatever I request, and she makes sure to be thorough! I also find that this whole business is very easy to return to consistently. Booking appointments online makes the whole process of scheduling pretty seamless, and Melanie's help with insurance stuff was surprisingly considerate of my needs! Highly recommend Mend!
I have some old sports injuries and at 68, I am living with them every day. I'm not overstating it when I say Melanie is the best massage therapist I've found in Eugene. I have stayed with her therapy for 4 years and the quality of my life has improved greatly! She evaluates my condition every time and treats me accordingly. Melanie creates a calm and healing environment. Her great sense of humor and kindness always uplifted me so when I leave pain-free, it's a great day. Annette
What a great experience in a calm and welcoming environment! Cassie approached me with kindness, listened to what I had to say and provided responses with care and understanding. I’ve already booked my next appointment.
Really relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Gwen is absolutely amazing! She really listened to what I needed from the session, and followed through with a great massage. Aranda B.
Aranda B.
After searching for a wonderful massage therapist in Eugene a couple of years ago, I found Melanie. After working as a massage therapist myself for 12 years, I was and am quite particular. I totally trust and enjoy Melanie’s work and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for anything from light and sensitive touch to knowledgeable deep tissue!
Melanie is fantastic! She is prompt with appointments and always attentive to my needs. I highly recommend her!
Ed St. Clair
Great welcome, initial information sharing about what problems I was having, and then gentle but firm attention to problem areas.
Melanie is very kind and caring. She listens to what you want and makes it happen. Her studio is always neat, clean and warm. Not much more to ask for!
Amazing touch, very intuitive.
Mend is wonderful! If you are looking for a place that provides excellent massage, a variety of services (integrating Swedish massage with Thai techniques, cupping and more), and a welcoming atmosphere, Mend is the place. Oh, and they accept insurance and on top of all of these wonderful traits, they are taking COVID-19 precautions seriously. Can't recommend them enough!
Kaitlyn S.
It was clear that the practice takes COVID-19 safety seriously and still creates a pleasant and welcoming ambience.
Marta C.
All I can say is I’ve experienced 100% excellent service from administration to the therapist. Always answers my questions regarding insurance, appointments and my individual care. Would highly recommend.
Kari W.
Allison is a stellar therapist!
Nikola M.
The office was very clean and calming. Cassie was great. She was conscientious of my recent surgery site and relieved the tension in my muscles.
Tina M.
These individuals have collectively made their way and their client's ways safely through this global pandemic. I am grateful this small local business has survived! I appreciate Melanie and her crew. They offer wonderful gifts to our community!
Shane M.
My massage was so wonderful! My sore muscles felt so much better and I'll be back soon.
Alicia M.
I love Melanie! She has helped heal my back and shoulder problems better than anyone I've tried, and is very knowledgeable about her craft. You will not regret getting a massage from her. Try the cupping, it's amazing!
Melanie is as warm and peaceful as her studio, and her bodywork always provides comfort and relief from the stress of daily life. Her attention to the details creates a Spa-like environment while giving highly personalized attention. I highly recommend her massage.
Another great massage. Thank you! Gwen was nice, asking me questions to be sure she was working on the areas I needed most.
Melanie's massages are always relaxing and therapeutic.

integrative . perceptive . supportive

I work with intention.  I take time to listen to your body’s feedback and pull from over ten years experience to respond appropriately.  My work is respectful of your needs at that time.  I work deep without being invasive. This is your massage.  You are my guide as I am yours.

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