Meet our therapists


Bailey ‘Bil’ Albrecht

LMT 28349

All bodies are different; all bodies are welcome.
I am curious about your path and the things that shape you, and together we can find relaxation.

I believe all humans are worthy of respect and soothing touch. Race, class, creed, age, size, color, gender–I am curious about the intersections that make you who you are and hope to provide a structure of safety unique to You!

I primarily perform Swedish massage with aspects of neuro-muscular engagement, facilitated stretching, lymphatic drainage, abdominal massage, and guided breath practice peppered in as suits the desired outcome of the session. I seek to create a client-centered practice, so let’s get creative! Anything you would like to focus on within my physical and professional capacity is yours. We can be still and slow, active and energizing and anything in between.