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LMT 21591

As an LMT licensed in Oregon for nearly a decade, I have developed a unique and specific style of Functional Massage that encompasses teachings from a vast array of modalities, as well as lifelong learning in the fields of mental health, addiction, trauma, and Functional Anatomy. I integrate them all in a wholistic approach to the body that has proven again and again to bring my clients to a healthier state that is not just limited to one specific aspect of their life. Using the hands-on techniques I have developed, and by really listening to your specific needs and desired outcomes, I am able to help you relieve restrictions in your body that can inhibit everything from movement to mental health. When you are in-pain, you are not well, and with my educational and personal experience I can use bodywork to help you get to a healthier, freer and better state of being. Be it from an accident, extreme stress, a demanding lifestyle, a traumatic life event, or all of the above, you can get better, and I can help.