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LMT 27507

I emigrated to Oregon from Querétaro, México when I was 24 years old. My parents hosted students from different parts of the United States while I was in high school and college.

After meeting the students from Oregon, I was intrigued by the diversity of nature and overall lifestyle that the PNW had to offer. I told myself that I had to visit Oregon for a few weeks after graduating from college… and the rest is history! After 20+ years, I am still here!

Though I have made a new home here in Oregon, I still visit México as often as I can to spend time with family and enjoy the warm water and beaches, not to mention the delicious food!

As for my personal interests, I grew up playing a variety of sports, but mostly enjoyed swimming, running, and eventually triathlons – all sports that allowed me to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor activities continue to draw my time and attention, and I am so grateful for Oregon’s endless possibilities for recreation, including camping, surfing, climbing, rafting, and paddle boarding.

Aside from my outdoor hobbies, I also enjoy connecting with people through hands-on activities like Latin partner dancing, ceramics, gardening, and cooking.

I believe is the combination of all of these interests that brought me to the field of massage therapy. Studying the human body and learning how to affect people in a positive way through relaxation or with a more therapeutic approach is a VERY special reward, and I look forward to sharing that with the Eugene community in the years to come!

My main focus throughout my practice has been centered on therapeutic methods via Swedish-style massage, joint mobilization through pin and stretch, and neuromuscular techniques to target injured areas of the body. My passion for continued learning has led to my participation in several workshops utilizing Structural Integration, which I implement into my practice when needed. I also have interest in Craniosacral Therapy, which I look forward to exploring more through continued education.